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Our mission

Rethinking ways to sustainably establish good health and safety practices and structures is central to what we do. With over 35 years of know-how to our credit, we can work in any type of industry and achieve measurable results. We favour a human-centred approach with corporate culture as the cornerstone. Working on organizational culture to make health and safety issues an integral part of an organization’s existing values, beliefs and behavioural standards is central to any initiative whose goal is to maintain prevention best practices for the medium and long term.

Our values







Founding of the Perrier Consulting Group in Quebec.

The introduction of the new regulation respecting health and safety in Quebec in 1979 inspired Gérald Perrier to move from a job in the educational sector to a career as a consultant to support organizations in the area of prevention.

Strengthening competencies

Gérald Perrier received a postgraduate diploma in occupational risk prevention from Université Paris 1, Panthéon La Sorbonne. During this period, Perrier Consulting started discussing the need to change the health and safety paradigm, which influenced its consultants’ practice.

Exporting the expertise globally

The Group expanded considerably, resulting in its receiving assignments to train leaders in 60 countries and 12 different languages with the help of a network of experienced partners asked to collaborate with the Group for the long-term to take on the challenges of the years ahead.

Permanent installation in Europe

Major expansion with the recruitment of Olivier Leroux, an expert based in France who would eventually become the vice-president in charge of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region and a shareholder of the Group.

Expertise diversification

Perrier Consulting supported medium and large industry companies across all business sectors and added quality assurance to its services to complement its health and safety expertise.

Reorganizing to make way for a new, impactful generation

The Group welcomed a new generation by adding two new shareholders: Myriam Perrier and Guillaume Bergeron-Cleary. Both are passionate about health and safety and the world of business. They are ready to take up the challenges of the years ahead centred around prevention systems and strategies.


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