Prevention strategies

Perrier Consulting supports its clients in making risk management a positive endeavour that helps improve an organization’s overall performance. We work to incorporate prevention into business models and workplace cultures and make it easier for all actors in a business to practise impactful leadership. This way, we protect the life and integrity of people by fostering a healthy and safe work environment for everyone.

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Our approach, centered on your objectives and corporate culture, makes us very different from the traditional, rule- and standard-based approach. Many companies are well structured and have good processes but do not have good occupational health and safety outcomes. This is why we support operations managers and OHS leaders within the company to align their vision and objectives with the OHS reality of their teams.



Understanding organizational culture







Beyond processes and rules

Prevention becomes a positive element in the development of the overall performance of a company instead of being just another one of its objectives. The area of health and safety serves to increase goodwill, motivation and cooperation within work teams.


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Le 9 Avril 2020

OHS Leadership from basic to excellence

Leadership by managers and supervisors is by far the most important factor in integrating prevention into a company's operations.

Le 7 Février 2020

Une démarche de prévention positive

Excellente vidéo qui démontre la mobilisation de l'ensemble de l'équipe d' EBC inc. vers une prévention qui a un impact positif et direct sur les travailleurs.

Le 17 Novembre 2019

Groupe-conseil Perrier rayonne sur la planète

Fondé en 1986 par Gérald Perrier, la société a vu le jour à Chicoutimi et ses services de prévention, formation ainsi que son expertise rayonnent sur tous les continents, dans quelque 70 pays.