Prevention Systems

Perrier Consulting specializes in improving and establishing prevention processes, tools and activities so that prevention effectively becomes an integral part of operations. At Perrier Consulting, we believe in the importance of optimizing systems and processes so that they properly support people in practising rigorous, consistent and effective risk management.

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We create and improve prevention systems and we deliver the necessary support documents. We can also do legal compliance monitoring, observation follow-ups, and follow-ups during field visits. For example, our expertise can extend to creating risk assessment systems, investigation systems and accident analyses.

We can help you establish an up-to-date management system (ISO 45001). We can also support you as you draft policies, action plans, procedures, specific action sheets, as well as health and safety communications and marketing documents.


Resource training and coaching are major priorities when it comes to the success of your business activities. Some of the many different important topics that we can handle include risk assessment, accident investigations, regulatory compliance, and preventive interaction. We take care of delivering the training as well as follow-ups, depending on need, to ensure that your resources retain what they learn.



Our resources can help you carry out certain prevention activities on an ad-hoc or outsourced basis. Our experts can conduct audits (regulatory and management system), support you during government agency inspector visits, conduct risk analyses in collaboration with your teams, and take part in your accident investigations and analyses and in corrective action follow-ups. We can also outsource our experts so that they can work as part of your health and safety team over an extended period of time.

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